Angelo V's debut acoustic EP 'Other Side of Fear'.


'Other Side of Fear' is pop singer songwriter Angelo V's debut acoustic collective offering. Having previously recorded and released two singles with the Trio, 'Medusa' and 'Dragonfly' in 2018, 2019 sees a seamless crafting and amalgomation of sounds that carry themselves without any supporting cast. Filled with catchy vocal melodies and bouncy guitar hooks, 'Other Side of Fear' confronts Angelo V's previous intense fear of delving deep inside and in the most honest and unreserved way presenting it to you, warts and all. This EP is a collection and combination of different styles but above all, it is a reminder that whenever there is fear, there is always the other side and it's a great place to be.


Track Listing


Arrow of Time





Over and Out


Ready to Run

Angelo V - Other Side of Fear CD

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